Summertime Auto Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Summertime is a Risky Time for Teenager Drivers– May 5, 2015

With the Memorial Day weekend, we note the beginning of summer and all the wonderful things as well as experiences that summer brings. This next 3 month duration between Memorial Day and Labor Day is likewise one

Teen on the phone for car help breakdown accident problem

Teen on the phone for car help breakdown accident problem

of the most harmful for teen drivers, and also is exactly what the National Safety Council calls the “100 Deadliest Days for Teens when driving.” In 2013, Americans drove more than 780 billion miles throughout these 100 days and also teen driving related deaths increased around 997 fatalities during that duration. Tragically, simply this previous saturdays and sunday, a neighborhood 17 years of age driver from Winfield, Missouri was killed when his motor vehicle crossed the center line into the path of an oncoming car. His 2 teenage passengers were taken to St. Joseph West Hospital by rescue for treatment of their injuries.

While the reason for the spike in teen driving associated deaths during the summer months is not conclusively known, just what we do recognize is that motorist inexperience incorporated with the increase in leisure driving and interruptions due to an increase in teen travelers during this period is accurately an element. St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer Matthew Padberg can help.

Car crashes are the leading cause in the U.S. for adolescents as well as the very first twelve months after getting their license is statistically one of the most unsafe time in their driving life– with an accident price two times as high when it comes to 18 as well as 19 year olds, and also 3 times more than vehicle drivers over the age of 20.

Why do adolescents plunge? Research studies have shown that teenager driving accidents are caused by a simple formula of lack of experience combined with premature risk-assessment capability. Baseding on a research study carried out by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm in 2011, the three most typical sources of teenager accidents consist of:

1. A Failure to Scan. Twenty one percent of the accidents entailed a failing to scan the roadway for prospective hazards. Older motorists look far ahead and side to side, which is an ability that spends some time to develop.

2. Driving also quick. Twenty one percent of the teenager accidents entailed a malfunctioning analysis of the automobiles ability to work out a curve at that speed and also to represent inadequate road problems. As well as,.

3. Disturbances. Texting and also various other hand held gadget usage while driving, and disturbances caused by other teens in the car, have been written about extensively on this blog site.

So just what can parents do? Initially impose the graduated driver permit demands in your state. Restricting the variety of passengers those first couple of years has actually been verified to save lives. Remain to ride with your child a minimum of 30 mins per week as she or he drives also AFTER he or she acquires their permit. Remain to help them judge road conditions, motor vehicle speeds as well as risk assessment. Talk to your kid concerning consuming and driving and the dangers of cellular phone use. Advise them to wear seat belts as well as impose driving time limits– most fatal accidents occur between 9 p.m. as well as twelve o’clock at night. Ultimately, establish a parent– teenager driving arrangement. Enjoy your summer season, yet be safe around. St Louis auto accident attorney


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